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The consultant version of DHI-Plus herd management software—specifically offered to herd consultants, veterinarians, and nutritionists. It is a tool for herd analysis and to coordinate herd management directly with the client producer.

Exceptional Consulting Tools

With a personal computer, internet access, and the clients' permission, Herd and Dairy Consultants can download herd and test day data directly from the client producer or DHI-Provo. These data access services are:

  • Express Service - Receive email with an updated data file from the most recent test.
  • Direct Download from DHI-Provo - Download data on demand.
  • On Farm Data Backup - Use the Export to Consultant option within DHI-Plus® software.

Note: Consultants need to download, complete, and send the DHI-Provo Record Release form to DHI-Provo in order to release a producers records for consultation purposes.

DHI-Plus for Consultants

Dairy Consulting Tools with Access-DHI

  • Cohort Group Analysis - Answer transition, production, and reproduction management issues with the DHI-Plus Cohort Group Analysis report.
  • Breeding Analysis - View a reproductive profile of the herd including 7- or 21-day pregnancy rates, percentage of herd pregnant, and reproductive statistices by lactation.
  • Events Analysis - Count the number of cases of mastitis, lost pregnancies, and other health events by month.
  • Personal Herd Profile - Benchmark production, reproduction, and RHA by County, State, and Region.
  • Conception Rate Report - View by Technician, Sire, Lactation Group, and Breed Codes for specific date ranges.

Access and Generate Vital Reports

Run existing reports, create custom or personalized reports, and even export data in popular formats such as CTAP, CSV, or Excel.

Drug Tracking

The drug tracking module was developed and tested to facilitate proper herd health, in order to correctly screen and treat animals, resulting in improved milk production and FDA compliance. For details, see the Rx-Plus product page.

Complete Herd Consulting

Access-DHI software is a perfect option for consulting with DHI-Provo customers who really value the option to coordinate with the same products used with their herd operation. For details on all other features, see the DHI-Plus product page.