Herd Management
Feed Management
Records Processing
Drug Tracking

Herd Management

Our solution to herd management delivers everything needed to help you make better and quicker decisions.

DHI-Provo understands herd management because the people who build our products and services come from the dairy industry. Our customers are partners in creating the best overall solution available.

Feed Management

Ever wondered how to increase feeding efficiency and cow health, resulting in better milk production and huge savings on feed costs?

DHI-Provo's solution gives feed operations real options and has been proven as it is used to feed over 4 million cattle daily.

Dairy Records Processing

DHI-Provo is a QCS Certified Dairy Records Processing Center providing records processing and secure backup to dairy producers.

With our impressive history in the dairy industry, DHI-Provo is a brand thousands of herd managers have trusted to process their dairy records since 1954.

Consultants and Technicians

DHI-Provo's Consultant and Technician Solution fully addresses the needs of these professionals who work with herd operations which are also customers of DHI-Provo products and services.

DHI-Provo has developed consultant versions of the herd and feed management products that can be set up to access clients' herd information through the Internet right from the client or directly from DHI-Provo, however the client chooses.

Drug Tracking

If you're in herd management, we understand that you are concerned about your herd's health. In a heavily regulated industry, discovering the best drug tracking solution has become vital for dairy operations.

DHI-Provo's drug tracking solution can help you make correct treatment decisions. Whether you're in the office or out on the farm, DHI-Provo's innovation provides you with powerful drug tracking tools for the desktop PC and mobile handheld device.