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DHI-Plus Herd Management Software is the most complete herd management and analysis tool on the market. The DHI-Plus solution helps you focus on cows that need attention—low-producing cows, high somatic-cell cows, cows ready for breeding, etc.

Get Powerful Results, Your Way

  • Ability to enter test-day results.
  • Match your current reporting forms.
  • Seamlessly process test-day results and create a secure backup of herd data.
  • Create graphs of the Herd Summary or of Custom Report data.
  • Design and print reports of the animal's vital information.
DHI-Plus Herd Management Software

Looking to Improve the Profitability of Your Dairy?

DHI-Provo answers all of these questions with the Herd Inventory and Financial Projection Report that comes with the Herd Analysis Package.

  • What will my monthly profits be?
  • How many heifers will calve?
  • How many cows will be going to dry?
  • How many purchases do I need to make to maintain my cow numbers?
  • With a longer or shorter dry period, how many cows will I be milking?
  • What will be my feed cost per CWT?
  • Based on my costs, what is my break-even milk price?
  • What is my milk production vs. feed costs?

Cohort Analysis

Analyze cohort groups by month, by variables such as cows calved, string, somatic cell count, and much more. This report allows you to monitor the effects of your decisions during the transition period as well as at other points in lactation.

Use variables such as:

  • DOA's
  • % Twins, % Male, and % Female
  • # of Milk Fever (MF)
  • # of Retain Placentas (RP) and DA's
  • % Inverted Cows
  • SCC Data
  • Production and 305 Milk

Herd Analysis Package

The DHI-Plus Herd Analysis package takes the guesswork out of your herd analysis and planning every month. It helps you leverage current herd information, make a projected management decision and then see the proposed results of that decision. This takes profitability projection to a whole new level.

DHI-Plus Software is Adaptable

Integrated with other amazing solutions developed by DHI-Provo, you can take your data anywhere on a rugged mobile device and also remotely coordinate your herd management with consultants and technicians.

Customize Your Reports

Use easy drag-and-drop tools to build custom reports. DHI-Provo provides an exclusive tool called Field Emphasis that uses colors for consistently marking specific areas of importance. Customize by selecting the information category you want on your report and simply drag it to the report customizer.

Drug Tracking Module

Drug Tracking Module Rx-Plus for DHI-Plus software is perfect for maintaining FDA regulation compliance and improving or enhancing herd health resulting in better milk production.

Personal Herd Profile

DHI-Plus software uses a Personal Herd Profile tool to compare your herd to other herds in your county, state, and region using a profile that can include over 10 years of herd summary data.

Interface Milking Equipment

Integrate DHI-Plus software with many milking automation systems. A special interface provides seamless and precise analysis of milk and milking processes.

Use Your Computer Network

Our solution gives you the power to enter data, run reports, or view cow data simultaneously from any computer with access.

DHI-Plus Software Training

DHI-Provo provides many training options, such as on-site training and tune-ups, live sessions through Internet meetings using WebEx, or DHI-Provo customers can attend Regional Users Meetings as well as our annual training conference.