eReports is a low-cost solution that allows customers to use DHI-Provo's Dairy Records Processing service and receive the full benefits of technology.

Simply identify the type of reports desired and as soon as dairy test day reports are processed, they are emailed to you.

By installing a simple reader program on a PC, emailed reports can be immediately viewed or even printed for convenience. eReports preserves the classic style of standard printed reports sent by mail. In addition, the eReports reader allows sorting by individual or multiple columns for analyzing data in a variety of ways, giving you the best perspectives for proper herd management.

DHI-Plus for Consultants

Report Descriptions

The key reports DHI-Provo produces are the Individual Cow Page, Herd Summary, Test Day Production, Sire Groups, Somatic Cell Hot List with Contribution to Tank, Personal Herd Profile, and Standard Management Reports.

Personal Herd Profile

DHI-Plus software offers the ability to compare your herd to other herds in your county, state, and region using a Personal Herd Profile that can include over 10 years of Herd Summary data.

Cow List Reports

Cow List Reports are structured to properly analyze negative or positive herd data trends within the most critical areas of test data from the herd.

  • Test Day Production
  • Cows to Breed
  • Check for Pregnancy, Dry, and Due to Calve
  • Somatic Cell Hot List
  • Somatic Cell Contribution to Tank

Herd Summary

Herd Summary reports help you spot trends and changes in trends, especially when collected over time. Other basic statistical analyses we provide, such as standard deviations, measure variation, something an average totally conceals.

Individual Cow Page Report

The Individual Cow Page provides a useful detailed history on an individual cow.