Combining EZfeed software for PC and the Pocket EZfeed application for a mobile handheld device, feed operations can easily solve basic feed management problems. You'll have increased efficiency and cow health, resulting in better milk production and huge savings on feed costs.

How It Works

With just a few simple steps, you're ready to streamline your feed management. Simply enter your feed ingredients, rations, and pens, then transfer the information to the Pocket EZfeed application on a handheld device and you are ready to start the feed process.

While loading feed, the Pocket EZfeed application is interfaced with the mixer-scale indicator, displaying each ingredient name and weight to be loaded.

After loading, it displays the pens to be fed as well as the amount to be unloaded.

While feeding, the Pocket EZfeed application captures detailed information from the feeder that is critical to managing and monitoring feed delivery.

After feeding, it syncs the captured results with EZfeed software for PC, producing analysis through reports and graphs to help you manage feeding decisions.

EZfeed Feed Management Software

Solve Real Feed Management Problems

EZfeed software is the only feed management tool on the market that directly targets real feed management problems. Consistency results in an efficient feed operation and better cow health, while providing accountability for feeders.

In feed operations, nutritionists, managers, or feeders may commonly make separate nutrition decisions with feed rationing. The differences in these decisions can cause discrepencies in the feeding process. EZfeed software helps eliminate feeding discrepencies while maintaining a single feed ration.

  • Create organized, pre-defined loads or "fed by ration" Flex Loads. Load lists can be organized by location, mixer, and feeder.
  • Establish highly accurate rations as the Pocket EZfeed application displays exact ingredient dry matters on the mobile handheld screen and on the scale indicator.
  • Refusal / Weigh-back / Push-out is easily handled by weighing or manually entering estimated amounts. Targeted amounts, percent refusal, and change history is displayed for feeders as feed is loaded and weighed, providing accurate bunk adjustments.
  • Mixing pauses can be controlled by ingredient, ration, load, or pen for maintaining ration consistency.
  • Immediate feedback is provided to feeders on mixing performance. (See Accountability Features below)

Manage Feed Costs and Milk Production

Efficiently manage ingredient usage, contracts, inventory, and even milk production.

  • Track ingredient values and changes (on AsFed and DM basis)
    • Dry matter
    • Cost (actual and market or future cost)
    • Inventory balances, usage, and shrink
    • Feed contracts
    • Ingredient deliveries
    • Sale of inventory
    • Transfers of inventory between operations
  • Set up unlimited number of ingredients, pens, rations, premixes, feedings, mixers, or users.
  • Track milk production and components by tank, pen, or pen groups.
  • Access more than 100 standard reports and graphs covering basic needs of most operations. Easily modify report views by date ranges, time periods, and pens or groups.
    • DMI and costs per head, per cwt of milk (FCM & ECM basis), per pen, target vs. actual, current cost vs. future cost, etc.
    • Income over feed costs per cwt, per head, etc.
    • Feed efficiency of milk production. (FCM & ECM basis)
  • Create unlimited custom reports and graphs to meet current and future needs.
  • Account for Refusal / Weigh-back / Push-out feed and incorporate into other rations. Make automatic adjustments to use or eliminate waste feed.
  • Set ingredient reorder points and automatically flag the ingredient.

Professional Service and Support

The EZfeed product is amazing and has even more amazing technical support behind it. DHI-Provo provides a 24/7 toll free phone number, email, regional and annual training meetings, live support through the Internet, and the optional EZfeed Reader module for working with Nutritionists, Consultants, Suppliers, Owners, and Managers.

Analyze, Report, and Maintain Data

Powerful reports and graphs reveal important data on the desktop or on a mobile handheld. Back up your data as well as import and export that data for even more management options.

  • Reports and graphs are automatically or manually emailed, printed, or exported—saving time and travel.
  • Automatically or manually import data from herd management programs.
  • Remotely update data and view reports or other feed information with the Pocket EZfeed application installed on any WiFi-enabled Windows® Mobile 6.0-6.5 or higher device or phone. (Integration with a feed mixer requires a specific handheld device with serial port.)

Accountability Features

EZfeed software allows monitoring of the entire feed process for efficiency and provides accountability for feeders by providing instant feedback on mixing performance.

  • Track feed decisions and changes made in EZfeed software by who, when, where and amount.
  • Monitor loading and unloading accuracy, speed, and flow rates by feeder and mixer (positive and negative values don't cancel each other out).
  • Monitor feeding times by pen and feeder.
  • The Pocket EZfeed application provides immediate feedback to feeders on mixing performance. Scale information is collected for reporting any attempts to cheat the system.

Product Versions and Options

Every cattle or dairy operation runs differently. DHI-Provo can provide you with an EZfeed software version and options tailored for your needs.

Basic Version

EZfeed feed management software for Windows® PC only. This low-cost version requires using printed load sheets. Post-load information is manually entered into the EZfeed software.

(Upgradeable to full version with additional hardware and software options.)

Full Version

EZfeed feed management software for Windows PC and the Pocket EZfeed application for Windows® Mobile 6.0-6.5 or higher.

For the feed process, information is displayed, collected, and stored on a rugged mobile handheld device, interfaced with the feed mixer and scale indicator with direct cable hardware. Post-feeding information is also transferred to the office computer through a separate cable connection.

Hardware and Software Options

The EZfeed software solution is a total solution. DHI-Provo offers feed operations not only with the best feed management software, but also with quality hardware and additional software options providing full feed operation improvements.

Mobile Handheld Computer

The Pocket EZfeed application comes installed on the rugged Trimble Nomad®handheld with Windows® Mobile OS 6.0-6.5 or higher. This mobile handheld is designed specifically for rigorous outdoor use. The Nomad handeld interfaces with the mixer-scale and feeder, allowing the Pocket EZfeed application to provide the loading procedure and collect information during the feeding process.

Wireless Integration

This optional hardware allows the Pocket EZfeed application to sync wirelessly from the feed mixer in real time to EZfeed software in the office. Several wireless ranges are available with the largest optional range at 12 miles. There are serveral wireless options available for integrating into existing wireless on-farm network (Wi-Fi) equipment.

Mixer-Scale Indicators and Cable Hardware

DHI-Provo offers various types and brands of mixer-scale indicators, as well as cable hardware for interfacing the mixer with the Nomad handheld device. The same cable hardware is also offered for interfacing with most popular indicators—perfect for operations that need to integrate with current equipment.

Multi-Computer Access

This option is for operations that need to access EZfeed data from multiple computers on a network at the same time.

EZfeed Reader Software

EZfeed Reader software provides operations with a convenient way to analyze key feed reports and graphs. These key feed reports and graphs are received automatically by e-mail and are perfectly organized for quick access. For simple analysis, use column sorting and arrange data by year, month, week, or day.

Consultants and EZfeed Software

DHI-Provo has developed the perfect workflow for consultants who need to work with clients who also use EZfeed software.

EZfeed Software for Consultants

This is a low-cost PC version of DHI-Provo's robust feed management product for powerful analysis of feed data from clients that use EZfeed software.

EZfeed Software for Consultants allows you to easily interact with the same screens and feed data as the client, and you have the power to process reports and graphs to make informed decisions. It also stores a secure backup of the clients' feed data.

EZfeed Reader Software for Consultants

EZfeed Reader software provides consultants, nutritionists, accountants, and others with a convenient way to analyze an EZfeed user's key reports and graphs. These key reports and graphs are automatically e-mailed to you. EZfeed Reader software then perfectly organizes these reports for quick access. For simple analysis, use column sorting and arrange data by year, month, week, or day—even compare feed data between other herds.