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EZfeed Mobile

You don't sit at a computer all day. Your business is mobile. The EZfeed® Mobile service gives you the freedom to use EZfeed on the go. It gives you vital real-time feed information on any device wherever you have internet access. It also gives you the power to change certain critical data, then instantly saves your changes to the database and updates EZfeed on your computer.

Use Your Own Device

The EZfeed Mobile service can be used on many different devices:

  • Apple iPhones and iPads
  • Android phones and tablet computers
  • Windows phones and tablet computers
  • Laptop and desktop computers via an Internet browser
EZfeed Mobile

Feed Management Anywhere, Anytime

Get real-time feed info:

  • Ingredient inventory—Sort by all, classification, or group
  • Ingredient dry matter percentage
  • Pens—Show counts, bunk calls, target feed amounts, and capacity while tracking all changes
  • Ration formulation and totals including DM%, AsFed, and DmFed numbers, costs, and more
  • NEW - View any report anytime!

EZfeed mobile reports

Make immediate changes to:

  • Inventory amounts—Comes with a handy weight calculator for bales and bags
  • Ingredient dry matters (by permission in EZfeed)
  • Custom ingredient and pen groups with simple organization
  • Pen counts
  • Bunk Calls—refusals taken out or left in the bunk
  • Appetite adjustments
  • Pen target feed amounts—controlled by AsFed, DmFed, or % changes
  • Custom notes with date stamp

After bunk management is set up in EZfeed on your computer, the mobile app provides suggested adjustments or bunk calls to your target feed amounts, based on actual data. It also provides history on changes. Simply accept those amounts or enter your preferred value. Top that all off with custom notes, and you have all the feed information you need, wherever you go.

Security and Peace of Mind

Power to make data changes for dairy operators is controlled by the administrator at the farm. All users logging in to EZfeed Mobile will be required to have a password, and all changes will be tracked in EZfeed by the user logged in and making changes.